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We’re excited to announce that we’ve been given approval by the FAA and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) to use the AVIATOR call sign everywhere, every time effective February 1, 2021.  Essentially, it no longer matters whether you’re VFR or IFR, flying here in Scottsdale or in New York, at a towered or non-towered airport, it’s AVIATOR all day every day.  The N-number will still appear on the aircraft and registration, but it will no longer serve any ATC function.

As a renter, not much will change for you.  You’ll still use the AVIATOR call sign appropriate to the aircraft you’re in any time you interact with ATC.  Each aircraft has a placard on the instrument panel displaying its AVIATOR call sign.  The existing AVIATOR numbers on each aircraft will not change for now.  You can use it everywhere, with any ATC tower, approach controller, or center controller.  The biggest change for you will be how to file VFR and IFR flight plans.  If you use ForeFlight, most of you will likely use Method 1 below for filing.

Method 1 – If you don’t have a profile for each aircraft saved in ForeFlight:

After selecting “Proceed to File”, the flight plan submit form appears.  Under the Aircraft group, the Aircraft field should show the N-Number (eg. N747SC).  The Call Sign field should contain the three-letter designator SCA and appropriate aircraft call sign (eg. SCA47).

Method 2 – If you have already have a profile for each N-Number saved in ForeFlight:

Before filing the flight plan, go to your Aircraft profiles.  Click on the aircraft you would like to modify.  Change the Tail Number field to the appropriate three-letter designator and aircraft call sign (eg. SCA47).  Under the Filing group, select “Other Information”. Scroll down to “REG” and enter the appropriate N-number.  This will associate that tail number with that call sign.  Then proceed to file as normal.
When filing VFR or IFR flight plans, put AVIATOR in the remarks section of each associated flight plan through 4/1/21.  The absence of this information could result in delays within the ATC system.

If you file another way (through Flight Service or 1800WXbrief.com), the flight plan form should look like this:

If you have any questions about the new call sign procedures or how to file flight plans, please reach out to me or your Flight Instructor.