Why Become a Pilot

Life in the Skies

Don’t want to spend your whole life behind a desk? Ready to travel the world? Make the sky your office and the flight deck your work space. Working as a pilot is an exciting career filled with opportunities.

How to Become a Pilot   Find Your Flight Training Path 

Travel the World

Ready to explore new cities, states, and countries? With a career in aviation, you will get to explore all over the world. Airline pilots state they have visited an average of 25 countries over the course of their careers.

Pilot Career Benefits

Median Salary of $143,000 for experienced pilots in the US

Full benefits from most airlines

Career stability

Work/life balance

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Pilots Are
In Demand

A recent Boeing study estimated the need for 612,000
new pilots worldwide over the course of the next 20 years.

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