New to Flying

Getting Started in Aviation

Are you wanting to become an aviator but are unsure where to start? Explore your flight plan for a career in aviation.

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Aviator Career Program 

What You Need to
Become a Pilot

Minimum 17 years of age for Private Pilot License (PPL)

Minimum 18 years of age for Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Obtain a 1st or 2nd Class Medical Private Pilot Certificate

Valid US Driver's License

Valid US Passport or
Birth Certificate

sierra charlie instructor meeting with two students

Choosing the Right Flight School

Part of getting started is choosing the right program for you. We know you have a lot of options between a four-year traditional school and multiple flight schools around the country. Sierra Charlie Aviation offers a 12 to 14 month program to get you ready for takeoff. Here are some things to look for when choosing the right school:

  • The type of aircraft used for training
  • Customization of program
  • Pass rates of existing/past students
  • Who are the instructors

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