Best Accelerated Multi Engine Training

When you dream of entering the cockpit of an airliner and taking your seat at the commands as the captain, earning your wings will include multi-engine training, and the best place to pursue an accelerated program is here at Sierra Charlie Aviation.

If you have one week free and the passion to pursue piloting a twin-engine aircraft, Sierra Charlie Aviation offers every element you’ll need to reach your goal.

Aircraft with more than one engine are able to fly at greater speeds to higher heights and farther distances, but this increased power comes with different flying procedures, systems, and reactions. A twin-engine aircraft has an extra engine in case one fails, but pilots will need to know how to respond to the various phases of flight given this situation.

Why Sierra Charlie Aviation

Sierra Charlie Aviation offers every component needed to supply successful flight training for multi-engine aircraft pilots. Beginning with passion and dedication and continuing with the perfect location, CFIs, aircraft, and process, we can help you become a multi-engine approved pilot in as short as a week.

Our multi-engine flight training program’s participants pass their checkrides – 100% of the time. By the completion of our program, pilots will be completely ready and well-prepared.

The best location for your chosen flight school should be conducive to training. Clear weather over 300 days of the year promote convenient flight training, making our fast-paced scheduling possible.

Another element that gives credence to your choice of Sierra Charlie Aviation as your training source is the honors received. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, AOPA, has recognized us several times for the instructors and experience that we provide.

The FAA, operating under Federal Aviation Regulations, authorizes flight schools under two Parts – 61 and 141. Sierra Charlie Aviation is a Part 61 flight school with the flexibility this guidance allows. Part 141 flight schools are much stricter regarding pacing and content. For pilots who have time constraints and pre-existing obligations, a Part 61 school will allow them to pursue accelerated programs like those we offer here at Sierra Charlie Aviation.

The fleet of planes housed at Sierra Charlie Aviation further speak to our ability to produce excellent pilots. For multi-engine training, we provide a Piper PA-44 Seminole and a Redbird FMX Flight Simulator for use on land without additional charge.

Components of the Multi-Engine Flight Training Course

Learning to handle planes with more than a single engine is not as simple as you might imagine. Pilots need to learn about how the additional engine changes balance, aerodynamics, airplane systems, and more. Safe flight and appropriate reactions to every potential scenario are critical elements of multi-engine flight training. Of particular importance to training is understanding and practicing safe responses to single engine failure.

We embrace a dual instruction approach. On the ground and in the air, our training days are broken into two components. The schedule for the program is seven days long. The first four include ground and air instruction; the fifth is used for a progress check with the head flight instructor; the sixth is off; and the seventh is the checkride. This checkride evaluation isn’t a written test; instead, it’s a practical and verbal examination administered by an FAA-approved evaluator.

Sierra Charlie Aviation offers some of the best accelerated multi-engine training available. If you’re interested in this program or any of our other courses of flight training, give us a call at (480) 474-4115.