Average Cost of Flight School

The average cost of flight school can be between $8,000 and $15,000, depending on the type of school, the type of aircraft, experience of the instructors, the training location, and the time you have to spend on training. At Sierra Charlie Aviation, we can help you keep the costs to a minimum.

Sierra Charlie Aviation is a certified Cessna Pilot Center (CPC), a specially selected flight school that represents top-quality, professional flight training, and operates under FAA 14 CFR Part 61 rules. As one of AOPA’s top flight schools in the country, we can help you earn your wings quickly and at an affordable price.

Pilot Training Costs

The FAA requires a minimum of 40 flight hours to obtain a private pilot license under Part 61. Some students are able to complete training in 40 hours, but the national average is closer to 60 hours of flight time.

Your training hours will consist of solo and instructor flights, which require renting a plane and paying for gas and the instructor’s time. Rental costs vary from flight school to flight school, but how often you fly and how hard you study will have an impact.

The more often you fly, the faster you’ll earn your license. By flying often, you’ll also avoid becoming rusty from lack of practice (and having to waste time reviewing material). We recommend taking lessons several times per week until you solo and once a week thereafter.

There will also be ground school, which provides the basic aviation knowledge your flight training will build upon. You will learn about weather, aerodynamics, aircraft systems, flight planning, and federal regulations, and be required to buy books and learning materials. For each hour you spend flying, expect to spend a few hours on the reading material.

Sierra Charlie Aviation provides group ground school quarterly to help you save on the cost of training. It is an 8-week program with classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Additionally, the written test you must take also costs money, ranging from $150 to $165 per test. Other costs include a flight headset, costing $200 to $1,000 (depending on model), and flight insurance, which costs about $100.

Can You Become a Private Pilot?

In order to become a Private Pilot, students must meet the following FAA requirements:

      • Be at least 17 years of age to obtain a license (but can start your training earlier);
      • Be able to read, write, speak and understand English;
      • Pass a routine medical examination administered by an FAA-designated doctor;
      • Receive and log ground training from an authorized instructor;
      • Pass a multiple-choice written knowledge test;
      • Accumulate appropriate flight experience;
      • Receive a minimum of 40 hours of flight instruction and solo flight time (FAR Part 61);
      • Successfully complete an FAA checkride, which includes an oral and flight examination given by an FAA inspector or Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE).

Fulfilling your dream of flying is the mission of Sierra Charlie Aviation. We can help you become the best possible pilot and make the average cost of flight school as affordable as possible. Get in touch with us today at (480) 474-4115 to find out more about our program.