2019 FSANA Conference Takeaways

The 10th Annual Flight School Operators Conference presented by FSANA was held February 13-15, 2019.

There were numerous helpful seminars, from federal agency updates (rules and policies change from year to year), to learning about financing options for students.

2019 FSANA Flight School Operators Conference TakeawaysWe understand that flight training is very expensive and some of the bigger schools have financing options in house.  We are working on building a resource for students so they can learn about financing options and even scholarships to help students afford their training.

We also attended an insightful lecture on simulators and why they are an important training tool for our students.  As a result, we have decided to add a Redbird simulator to our fleet.  Stay tuned later this year to find out when our new Redbird will be landing.

A big part of the Flight School Operators Conference is also networking opportunities.  Having connections with major and regional airlines can help provide opportunities for our students.  Making these connections is a priority for Sierra Charlie Aviation.  We know our students are some of the best trained pilots in the valley and we want them to have the same opportunities as some of the bigger schools.  We connected with Republic Airways, and they are even coming to Sierra Charlie Aviation next month for a Meet and Greet with our students!

Our culture at Sierra Charlie Aviation sets the stage for our students’ experience in aviation.  We strive to create a teamwork environment that fosters learning and growth.  We rally around each other and celebrate all success stories, no matter how small.  Delivering excellent customer service helps ensure our students are happy with their flight training experience.

Learning to fly can be stressful and even feel overwhelming at times.  It can become downright unbearable with the wrong flight instructor or if your flight school has a lack of available resources.  We don’t ever want our students to question their flight school choice or worry about anything except studying and learning to fly.