Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI) Training in the USA

The main reason for enrolling for multi-engine (MEI) training in the USA is to add privileges to your current certificate. Sierra Charlie Aviation offers excellent multi-engine instructor programs providing the necessary instructions to enable students to attain the required flight and ground instructor standards. Our programs are designed for students looking for extra time in an aircraft.

Program Details

Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI) Training in the USAAll Sierra Charlie Aviation students who enroll for MEI training are given a training supplement. The booklet contains all the topics covered in multi-engine instructor training, including flight procedures, aircraft systems, checklist procedures, aerodynamics, and aircraft weight and balance. In addition, we offer students manuals for all checklists in our flight training center.

Training Overview

The first day in our flight school or check-in is usually for students to become acquainted with our flight center, receive their logbooks, and review their qualifications. They may be given two to three days to pay their fees and get the required manuals and training materials they will need for ground training. Students also pay for their courses during the check-in.

Ground training begins a few days after check-in. It often starts with a review of airplane manuals and certification standards. Later on, students will be introduced to flight training. Instructors may allocate up to eight hours per day for flight training and simulator training.

Students are required to pass a practical and written test to earn their MEI certification. The practical test involves a review of student applications and requisite paperwork. The practical test includes an oral test. You should expect to finish the practical test in about five hours.

What You Learn

MEI is a specialized certification that covers many topics aimed at improving commercial and private pilots’ knowledge. The MEI training aims to gain the knowledge and skills required to teach other pilots. MEI training covers aircraft aerodynamics and systems, effective student instruction, evaluation and motivation, and flight training in multi-engine aircraft.

Multi-engine instructor training is designed to build knowledge gained during multi-engine training and combine the skills acquired with instructional techniques. The course aims to teach pilots how to instruct the next generation of private and commercial pilots on using multi-engine aircraft.

MEI training focuses on specific aspects of multi-engine flying such as approach, landing, safety, emergency procedures, and aerodynamics. Multi-engine instructors also train using simulators, which is a safer way of building pilot skills and knowledge. Multi-engine instructor training focuses on enabling aspiring pilot instructors to teach flight skills and expose them to the many challenges of flight instructions. To be eligible for MEI training, you must have a third-class medical certificate and a commercial pilot certificate. You do not need CFI or CFII to enroll for multi-engine instructor training.

Multi-engine instructor training at Sierra Charlie Aviation follows the train-to-proficiency approach, meaning you train until you demonstrate excellent knowledge and proficiency in the program. However, most students complete their training within a short time. In addition, we have excellent rates for MEI training in the U.S. Sierra Charlie Aviation is an accredited Cessna Training Center. We have a large fleet of new and well-maintained Cessna aircraft, which means our students can fly as often as they want. In addition, the Cessna aircraft is one of the best aircraft for training both beginner and experienced pilots.

Sierra Charlie Aviation offers quality and individualized multi-engine instructor training in the USA. Please don’t hesitate to call us today to speak to one of our experienced instructors.