Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit

The pilot training fleet at Sierra Charlie Aviation in Scottsdale, AZ includes Cessna 172 Skyhawks equipped with the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit. This popular integrated digital system of avionics puts a wealth of flight-critical data at your fingertips and will have you flying like a pro!

Sierra Charlie Aviation is an approved Cessna Pilot Center, a designation only a limited number of flight schools have achieved. More pilots get their wings at Cessna Pilot Centers than at any other flight school. The network has been in place for 47 years and includes more than 150 flight schools worldwide.

We use the Cessna Flight Training System in our training programs and maintain the standards that have made Cessna the world leader in General Aviation for more than 75 years:

Sierra Charlie Aviation received the AOPA Flight Training Excellence Award in 2016 and 2017 as one of the top flight schools in the country. Owner and Senior Flight Instructor, Scott Campbell, was also named as AOPA’s Best Flight Instructor in the Southwest Region, and Senior Flight Instructor Tom DeYoung was one of three instructors in the region to be recognized as a Distinguished Flight Instructor.

Benefits of Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit

The Garmin G1000 glass cockpit has revolutionized General Aviation by providing pilots with features that rival those found in the cockpits of many airliners.

Instead of looking in multiple places to see data on round dials and reaching in multiple places to operate controls, the G1000 allows pilots to aviate, navigate and communicate from easy-to-read, large-format, high-resolution computer displays.

Glass cockpit aircraft also contain many safety features, such as traffic, terrain, and graphical weather information, that have the potential to reduce accidents when pilots are trained in their use and use them properly.

Max Trescott, the 2008 National CFI of the Year who has flown for more than 40 years and specializes in teaching student pilots how to fly glass cockpit aircraft, explained his preference for glass cockpit training to Flying Magazine:

“I recommend learning in glass aircraft for people who:

  • Plan to do most of their flying in glass cockpit aircraft.
  • Don’t plan to fly much in round-gauge aircraft.
  • Have an interest in technology.
  • Want to learn to fly in the best of what’s available.”

“People may want to learn in round-gauge aircraft if they:

  • Need to minimize training cost.
  • Expect to fly only short, 50- to 100-mile trips.
  • Plan to fly in daytime VFR and not get an instrument rating.
  • Dislike computers and technology.
  • Cannot find a glass cockpit aircraft or a knowledgeable glass instructor.

Perhaps more important than aircraft type is choosing an instructor experienced in the aircraft in which you choose to learn. Regardless of your choice, have fun learning to fly!”

Fulfilling your dreams in the sky is the mission of Sierra Charlie Aviation. Our Cessna flight school gives you the opportunity to learn to fly in the single-engine Cessna Skyhawk 172 with Garmin G1000 cockpit training that is transferable to every glass cockpit aircraft, from a Cirrus SR-22, to a TBM, to a Citation Mustang. Call us today at (480) 474-4115 to get started!