JUST LANDED – Check out our Redbird FMX Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD)!

What is a Redbird FMX Advanced Aviation Training Device?  It’s a full-motion simulator that allows you to practice flying in a temperature controlled, stress-free environment.

Here in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona we are blessed with great aviation weather almost all year long.  But unfortunately, the summer months bring intense heat and thunderstorms, sometimes making it difficult or even impossible to fly.

Airline Pilot Training PhoenixThe great thing about our Redbird FMX AATD is that you can train all year long!  You can practice your instrument approaches without wind, heat or storms grounding your airplane.  And the FAA accepts simulator hours for some licenses and ratings!

With a Certified Flight Instructor, you can credit up to 20 hours toward your Instrument Rating.  The simulator is a great way to practice shooting approaches.  You can also credit up to 50 hours toward your Commercial Certificate.  That’s 70 hours of time you can learn and practice your skills without sitting in an airplane running the engine.  This saves you time and money!

One of the other highlights of flying in a simulator is that you can fly virtually anywhere.  Want to fly over the Grand Canyon?  Never been to New York City or San Francisco?  Or do you want to practice flying into the airport you hope to be domiciled at in the future?  With the Redbird, you can fly wherever you want!  You really have unlimited options for exploring.

Here are a few reasons we recommend flying in a Redbird FMX Advanced Aviation Training Device.  You can retain instrument currency and proficiency; you can practice real-world emergency scenarios in a safe and comfortable environment; and you can complete nearly all of the requirements for an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC).

We have one of only two Redbird FMX AATD simulators located at Scottsdale Airport.  Come check us out right away!