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Our extended and recurring training programs are created with the certified private pilot in mind. From Biennial Flight Reviews, to time building, to emergency procedure refresher courses, perpetual learning is part of being a pilot, and Sierra Charlie Aviation is here to teach!


The Flight Review (previously known as a Biennial Flight Review or BFR) is required for all pilots who intend to act as Pilot-In-Command of an aircraft, including during solo flights. It is mandated by the FAA to review and refresh your aeronautical knowledge and your physical skills in an aircraft in order to keep you proficient and safe.

Whether you fly for fun or for hire, you must schedule and successfully complete a Flight Review during every 24-month period.

During the Flight Review, the instructors at Sierra Charlie Aviation will review old skills, teach new procedures, and reacquaint you with aircraft systems and emergency procedures to raise your comfort level with the way you fly and your aircraft. We ensure that the scenario-based training is tailored to each applicant’s needs.

The following breakdown will give you an idea of what our Certified Flight Instructors will cover during a Flight Review, in addition to specific items for each individual:

  • Ground Review includes:
    • General operating and flight rules of Part 91
    • Cross-country flight planning
    • Weather risk management and personal minimums
    • General aviation security
    • Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Flight Review includes:
    • Physical airplane skills
    • Mental airplane skills
    • Aeronautical decision-making skills

NOTE: A flight review is purely for safety. It cannot be failed. If more time is needed, it will be logged as Dual Received in a Pilot’s Logbook. Once the Flight Review has been completed, the CFI who conducted the training will write an endorsement of completion.

You can read more about the Flight Review in these documents from the FAA:

You can also read more about the Flight Review in this AOPA article:


An Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) is required before an instrument rated pilot can act as Pilot-In-Command under IFR if his or her currency has lapsed for longer than 6 calendar months.

The FAA requires this proficiency test to ensure that pilots retain their knowledge about the aircraft they fly. If your instrument currency has lapsed, you can get it back quickly and efficiently at Sierra Charlie Aviation.

Whether you need to work on charts and cockpit weather or one-on-one practice on instrument landing procedures with a flight instructor, we are here to help. We’ll customize a training course that covers whatever you need to regain your confidence and skills to fly safely in IFR conditions.


Aviation can be dangerous without proper training. When an in-flight emergency occurs, every second is critical to safe recovery.  Even if you feel reasonably familiar with emergency procedures in your aircraft, there is no such thing as being too prepared.

For this reason, Sierra Charlie Aviation offers a comprehensive two-day emergency procedure refresher course, during which your instructor will go over different scenarios tailored to student needs.  We will also cover the following topics:

  • In-flight fire
  • Loss of electrical power
  • Power plant failure
  • Symptoms and effects of hypoxia
  • Spatial disorientation
  • Vacuum system failures

This course will keep your skills fresh and ensure that you are prepared to handle any emergency in the most efficient and effective way possible.