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“Sierra Charlie Aviation, in my opinion, is probably one of the best flight schools in the Phoenix area. Early in my training I tried attending two other schools in the valley and it wasn’t a good fit for me. SCA offered a welcoming environment and it just sort of “clicked” for me right away that this was the place I wanted to train at.

The instructors are smart, friendly and patient. The students at the school seem happy to be there and are very positive, which is refreshing. And the aircraft (C172’s) are top-notch. That was one of the big selling points for me. Safe, newer and well-taken care of airplanes.

This is a really good place to pursue aviation. I sincerely hope anyone reading this considers SCA to help them do it.”

Andrew Phillips
Phoenix, AZ

“Flying has been a lifelong dream and when I decided to pursue aviation as a career changer, I conducted my due diligence in searching flight schools. In Arizona, there aren’t any shortages of quality flight schools but luckily, I stumbled across Sierra Charlie Aviation. Over several months I interviewed and visited numerous flight schools and instructors throughout the valley (the ones who would actually return my call or had staff at the school’s location willing to sit down with a potential student). Once I walked into Sierra Charlie Aviation I knew I had found my home.

At that time, the school had just gotten their third aircraft and there were only a handful of instructors. One of the instructors had just finished debriefing with a student and asked if I had a few minutes to talk about what my aspirations were and what I was looking for out of training. They took the time to explain Scott’s vision of training and answer the myriad of questions I had. I work full time, have a family, and needed flexibility in my training program. This was never an issue and they always went above and beyond to ensure I was scheduled when I was able to fly.

I have had the distinct pleasure to have Tom as my primary instructor but have flown with several the instructors at the school. All of the instructors I have flown with have been exceptional. True professionals that focus on safety and quality of instruction. Tom’s passion for aviation and his desire to see his students succeed is evident in every flight. He has this ability to take complex topics and procedures and explain them in a way that best suits my learning style. Most importantly, his focus on safety and abilities as an aviator are nothing short of amazing.

This focus on safety and a quality learning environment does not stop with the instructors. All of the aircraft are impeccably maintained by the professional maintenance staff. Many of the aircraft are brand new, with all having the newest G1000 technology.

Even as Sierra Charlie has grown, the camaraderie and sense of family persists. Scott, Tom, Joe, Irene and the staff have done an amazing job of fostering this environment. I’ve made some lifelong friends along this journey that I directly contribute to the culture at Sierra Charlie.

If you are looking for quality, safe instruction with a culture of success, Sierra Charlie Aviation is the place for you. They have my highest recommendation!”

Marc Rivers

Scottsdale , AZ

“After spending a lot of time researching all of the flight schools in Arizona and Texas, I’m so glad I chose Sierra Charlie Aviation in Scottsdale for my flight training. The owner of the flight school, Scott, has an excellent team of experienced flight instructors with an evident passion for flying!

All of the training is done in their beautiful new fleet of 172s equipped with G1000. This keeps training consistent and allows an easy transition to other airplanes. The planes are always clean, meticulously maintained and ready for flight training.

Armon is a talented flight instructor with a lot of hours in the cockpit of multiple airplanes. He is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and makes learning an enjoyable experience regardless of your level of training!

Thank you to the team at Sierra Charlie for such a wonderful experience!”

Matt Bere
Dallas, TX

“An excellent and safe flight school with amazing airplanes and staff. The airplanes are almost brand new and are well equipped with G1000’s. The instructors are experienced and professional which is hard to come by these days. The staff is always friendly and willing to go the extra mile. I wouldn’t go anywhere else in the valley for your flight training needs.”

Brandon Spangenberg
Chandler, AZ

“I’m from Chile and lived 9 months in Phoenix. While there I decided to make my private pilot course. After a long research, I chose a flight school where Scott used to teach. I can only say he is a great guy, very helpful, professional, safe and fun. Being a non-native speaker, Scott was very helpful, especially in what concerns to radios. He taught me and guided me to get my license in low hours, at the first try and feeling very confident. If I ever come back to the U.S. for a new rating, I would definitely choose to train with Scott.”

Jose Pedro Scagliotti

“After bouncing around several flight schools I finally landed at Sierra Charlie Aviation. Of all the schools, they were the most consistent and personable instructors I have found. Safety was always a huge priority and Scott went above and beyond to make sure I was prepared to be a pilot.”

Evan Barker
Scottsdale, AZ

“Highly recommend this company if you are looking into learning to fly.”

Laura Lu
Scottsdale, AZ

“Sierra Charlie Aviation was the reason I was able to get my license in a timely manner and have a blast while doing it.

After experiencing difficulties with other schools in terms of scheduling and becoming check ride ready, I looked for a school that was able to accommodate my schedule and finish up my training quickly. Scott, the owner of Sierra Charlie, was extremely helpful in planning out how much training was going to be needed to finish up and he made sure I was going to be more than ready for check ride day. Even during my extremely busy schedule as a senior in high school and all the graduation festivities with that, Sierra Charlie made it possible for me to fly often and become more prepared for my looming check ride.

The instructors at Sierra Charlie are extremely experienced and pleasant to fly with. I flew mainly with an instructor by the name Nick as well as another instructor named Tom. Both were very kind, professional, and knowledgable in what they was doing and worked hard to make me a better pilot.

In terms of aircraft, the two Cessna’s they have are new and safe, each containing the G1000 system which is extremely helpful and fun for training or flying in general.

Overall, Sierra Charlie Aviation is a flight school on the up and up that was responsible for helping me get to a position where I was able to get my pilot’s license (Which I obtained yesterday!) and have an amazing time while doing it. At many schools, training can be a drag and the fun of flying can easily seem to disappear. But at Sierra Charlie Aviation, I experienced the complete opposite and my love for flying had only grown more!”

Patrick Pierce
Scottsdale, AZ