Sierra Charlie Aviation Signature Programs

Mentor Pilot ProgramsMentor Pilot Program

According to AOPA’s recent Flight Training Magazine, 25% of pilots who obtain their private license don’t feel comfortable flying without instructor supervision. While Sierra Charlie Aviation strives to instill confidence in our students from the very beginning, if you want to increase your confidence in the pilot’s seat before flying on your own, we are here to help! Whether it’s a flight around the pattern or a flight across the country, a day with strong crosswinds or crossing into busy airspace, our instructors are here to lend a hand in building the confidence you need. Also, we are able to provide insurance mandated mentor pilot services for owners of new high performance aircraft. Our experienced instructors have flown everything from Piper Cubs, to Cessna Citations and are here to help you build a strong understanding of your new aircraft and fly safely.


Pinch Hitter Pilot ProgramPinch Hitter

The Pinch Hitter Program at Sierra Charlie Aviation gives family members, significant others, and close friends the chance to take your place in the left seat to get a feel for your love of flying. Similar to a discovery flight, not only does this help them understand why you spend so much time in the air, but it can calm their potential concerns while you’re up there and they’re down here. This will help build their comfort as it provides a deeper understanding of what you’re doing, how the aircraft works, how the G1000 and GFC700 aid in-air safety, and the joy of flying.



G1000 Class Cockpit Transition TrainingG1000 Class Cockpit Transition Training

Going from Conventional Steam Gauges to the modern day glass cockpit can be intimidating.  As aviation technology moves forward it is important to be highly proficient in order to be able to fully utilize each of the many functions.  Our Cessna 172s are equipped with Garmin’s G1000 Avionics suite.  While the basic functions are simple, we will delve deep into the wide array of features offered in this system.  For example, how to utilize the Vertical Navigation capabilities, as well as NextRad Weather, and the Terrain Awareness and Warning System.  The GFC700 Auto-pilot is also coupled with the G1000 allowing us to shoot approaches similarly to those who are flying large corporate aircraft.

Back in the Cockpit Training Program

Back in the Cockpit

This program provides pilots in need of a refresher course to regain confidence in the pilot’s seat. In addition to actual flying time, your instructor will introduce new technology, new resources available to pilots, and changes in the airspace system. Additionally, a review is conducted regarding medical requirements, weather, common regulations, and yes, operation. Most importantly, this program completes the ground instruction requirement of your Flight Review.



Emergency Procedure Refresher Course

Without proper training, aviation can be dangerous, and when in an emergency situation each second is critical to safe recovery.  For this reason alone, it is important to stay a tuned to each emergency that you or your aircraft is subject to.  Sierra Charlie Aviation offers a comprehensive, two-day refresher course where we will go over different scenarios tailored to the classes needs.  We will also cover the following topics:

        • In-Flight Fire
        • Loss of Electrical Power
        • Power plant Failure
        • Symptoms and Effects of Hypoxia
        • Spatial Disorientation
        • Vacuum System Failures