Our extended and recurring training programs are created with the certified private pilot in mind.

Perpetual learning is part of being a pilot and Sierra Charlie Aviation is here to teach! From Bi-Annual Reviews to Time Building, to Emergency Procedure Refresher courses, we’re here to keep you current and active in the field of aviation.

Flight Review

A Flight Review is a mandatory review mandated by the FAA. A Flight review is a way to ensure that pilots are remaining proficient. The FAA mandates that a Flight Review is done every 24 calendar months and aims to review and refresh pilots’ knowledge and physical skills in an aircraft. In order for a flight review to be more helpful, Sierra Charlie will ensure that it is tailored to each pilot by offering scenario based training, and emphasizing the needs of each applicant. The FAA has published these documents to help pilots understand what should be included in a flight review:

1. http://www.faa.gov/documentlibrary/media/advisory_circular/ac%2061-98b.pdf
2. https://www.faa.gov/pilots/training/media/flight_review.pdf

Here is breakdown of what our Certified Flight Instructors will cover in addition to anything specific for each individual:

      • Ground Review to include:
          • General Operating and flight rules of Part 91
          • Cross-Country Flight Planning
          • Weather Risk Management and Personal Minimums
          • General Aviation Security
          • Federal Aviation Regulations
      • Flight Review to include:
          • Physical Airplane Skills
          • Mental Airplane Skills
          • Aeronautical Decision Making Skills

Note: a flight review is purely for safety, it cannot be failed and if more time is needed, it is logged as Dual Received in a Pilot’s Logbook. Once the review is completed, the CFI who conducted the training will write an endorsement of completion.

Instrument Flight Training

Already have a Private Pilot’s License and looking for more? Attaining your instrument rating will not only allow you to fly into a wider variety of conditions, but will also refine your ability to use the flight instruments and fully utilize the National Airspace System. With a high density of local airports with instrument approaches, Sierra Charlie Aviation offers the perfect location to get the most out of instrument training flights. Our aircraft are also equipped with the Garmin G1000 Avionics and GFC700 Autopilot allowing us to shoot coupled approaches during training. Utilizing the Practical Test Standards put out by the FAA, the King School’s syllabus, and a wide variety of compiled first-hand experience, we ensure that each testable item is covered and the student feels confident in their abilities. Many other flight schools in the valley prohibit use of certain airports but Sierra Charlie Aviation will train pilots on the risks involved and how to mitigate them to provide a more thorough, and less sheltered pilot who ready for real-world flying experience.